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Moon Dog's Getaway Airbnb

Completed Date 10/24/2021

As in any commercial project Moon Dog's Getaway had to come in on time and under budget.  With no major construction to happen a small crew was able to take this cottage that was uninhabited for over a year and in bad shape and transform it into a dream getaway.  Using existing kitchen cabinets and wood flooring to complement new linoleum flooring in both the kitchen and bath as well as new light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and paint this space was updated in a matter of weeks.  


Brentwood Rental Apartment Renovation

Completed Date 2/20/2020

Design and construction on the Brentwood Apartment Remodel was completed on 2/20/2020.  The owners requested that the project maintain an extremely low budget while sourcing good quality products that will hold up to commercial use. The one bedroom apartment had the kitchen and bathroom gutted down to the studs allowing for new electric and plumbing to be run, then installing new cabinetry and plumbing fixtures. To complete the renovation new paint, lighting fixtures, flooring, doors, and door hardware have been installed.  The budget was maintained and the results were fantastic!


326 E 8th Ave - Ladybird Building Renovation

Completed - 10/1/2020

The construction at 326 E 8th Avenue is well underway with the framing, plumbing and electrical all at the building.  The hope is to have the project completed by April.  




The project at 326 E 8th Avenue will be under way soon!  I have just submitted to Homestead Borough the below rendering to get the facade renovation approved.  We go to the board this Wednesday to get the final approval.  

Building Rendering.JPG



Once again I am under contract for a unique fixer upper in Homestead PA!  I Have been hard at work with the permit and construction documents.  This one is a bit smaller and in better shape than the last one,  but not without it's own set of challenges and charm.  The first floor is a commercial space that is approx.  2100 sf and the second floor will be a three bedroom, two and a half bath Air BnB with a large outdoor deck and a garage for guests to park their car.  

Below are the beginnings of the designs and a pic of the current facade.

Stop back often for construction and completed photos of the new building!

Constructin Plans
Exterior Renovations
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