Brekosky First Floor Renovation

Renovation Completed  3/13/2018

The Brekosky's had bought a new home in 2018 and requested that I update the floor plan, finishes, lighting and functionality for the entire first floor.  The existing home had a very segmented floor plan with the kitchen separated from the existing dining room and a sunken living room.   The final plan moved the kitchen to a new location, flipped the living room to the existing dinning room, and removed the existing kitchen/dining room wall to create an open floor plan.  Now the space is bright and open with a kitchen that meets all of their space and functional needs including a walk in pantry.

Tierno First Floor Renovation

Renovation Completed 4/19/2016

Moving from the big commercial world of design to opening my own studio I was faced with the question of how do I fill a web site with fantastic design when I am only beginning?   The answer for me was simple, put an addition on your house and completely redesign your first floor.   Here are the photos of the after construction for the kitchen, living room and dining room.