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How to work with an interior designer

A step by step guide:
working with an interior designer 

This is a very general overview of how some projects will run.  Not all of my client's need a contractor.  I have done consultations only,  I can work with you to get new furniture,  redesign a home office, or whatever your design needs may be.  No matter what kind of project you are thinking about, all projects start at step one!

Step One

Call, email, text, or click the Let's Chat button at the bottom of the page.  Tell me what you are thinking about, whether it is a first thought or you have it planned out from top to bottom.  Our first call will be used to see if I will be a good fit for your project. 

Step Two

Free consultation. I will meet with you at the location of your project to get a better idea of what you want to do and what it will take to get there.  

Step Three

The contract.  I will send out a contract for you to review that will include a very detailed list of tasks that I will need to complete for the project, estimated timeline, the cost for my services, and lots of legal words that give us a good framework for our working relationship.

Step Four

Design Development.  At this point the contract is signed and we are ready to get cracking.  I will schedule a field measure of you space to create the floorplan.  It is at this stage that we will decide how it will look, what we need to order, look at lots and lots of samples, and everything else that will need to be chosen to make the project happen. 


Step Five

The Estimate.  Nobody's favorite step. Once all of the finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, and everything else has been decided upon, I will give you an estimate of the total cost of the items plus the cost of my services from the contract.  This does not include the cost of construction.  It's just not my thing.  

Step Six

Construction Drawings.  Prior to contacting the contractor of your choosing, I will create a set of very detailed drawings that the contractor will use to do your renovation.  These include demolition plans, floor plans, lighting and electrical plans, power and switching plans, elevations, details, enlarged details, legends for finishes, doors, that is a lot.  Please see the example below.

Step Seven

The contractor.  I do work with several contractors regularly, however you will need to select and will have a separate contract with the company of your choosing.   I will work with the contractor to ensure that the  design we have created is completed to the specifications on the very detailed drawings.  They will provide you with cost and schedule estimates for their work on the project.  

Step Eight 

Product orders.  At this point we would begin to order all of the items that were selected.  This is where one of the benefits of having a designer comes up.  As a designer I have a PA State sales license which allows me to purchase almost all of my products at wholesale or at a discount.  It is my goal to ensure that you will pay less than retail.  

Step Nine

Construction.  This will be messy, take longer than expected, and never goes as planned. You will eventually be fed up and want to take it out on me, the contractor, your spouse, the dog, but trust me, this will be worth the pain.

Step Ten

The Finish.  We will stand in your new space and you will be just soooo happy. You will say things like "Why didn't we do this earlier?"  and "I can't wait to recommend Chris to all of my friends!".

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