Working Designs

Once these are completed projects you can visit the commercial and residential pages to see the completed projects and photos!

South Fayette Basement Remodel


The client needed to have their unfinished basement renovated.  They requested the space include a workout room,  television area, and powder room as well as a space for a bar.  

Several floor plans have been reviewed by the client allowing for multiple choices in floor plans and will give them the chance to select the design that will best fit with their families needs.  

Blawnox Basement Remodel


The existing basement for the client was not warm and friendly.  They wanted to have a space for their teenagers to hang out and have friends over.  The space was disjointed and the floor plan needed changed.

The new layout included framing and drywall to bring the existing ceiling which was two different heights all to the same height.   In the adjacent space a shelving unit and seating was designed to hold two televisions to allow for multiple players on their gaming system.  

To complete the remodel new flooring, paint, and lighting were incorporated.  To create a central focus a wood feature wall was placed on the opposite wall of the TV area.

Glenshaw First Floor Renovation 


The client needed to completely renovate their entire 550 square foot first floor of their ranch house.  The existing first floor was demolished to allow for the new floor plan.  They requested that the first floor include a Master Bedroom and Bath,  Kitchen, and  Living Room, as well as include a space for the washer and dryer.  

The new floor plan was able to accomplish all of their requests plus and enclosed toilet area and extra storage in the kitchen.  

Mars Master Bedroom and Bath Remodel


In this project the client has requested a full remodel of her master bath including changing the floor plan to incorporate a changing room and shower room.  All new case work will be added to create a space that the client can dress in one space and shower in the adjacent.   The design includes a two person shower with individual shower fixtures and niches.  All new tile floor and shower walls.   Also incorporated in the design were new lighting fixtures,  plumbing fixtures, accent wall covering, and new paint.

In the Master Bedroom the client requested all new furniture,  light fixtures, and flooring.  A grass cloth wall covering was incorporated as an accent wall.